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Our vision is to blend and leverage proven, effective market research, investment techniques and technologies to become a global leader in the crypto and blockchain investment space.

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We are EntryZone Crypto Asset Management Group (EZCAMG), a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm that offers intuitive and transparent investment opportunities. We capitalise on revolutionary technology, team diversity and subject matter expertise to transform the average person into a successful cryptocurrency investor.

About Us


EZCAMG offers both new and seasoned investors some of the following opportunities:

  • Investment opportunities focused purely on emerging blockchain technology projects with a new asset class of cryptocurrency-related investments.
  • A diversified portfolio of investments with three distinct investment strategies, with the sole purpose of maximizing returns, mitigating risks, and reducing the volatility inherent in this market.
  • Talented, seasoned account managers with clear strategies, goals, targets and loss-prevention techniques.
  • Cryptocurrency market experts adept at identifying solid, trustworthy blockchain projects that offer real-world solutions to problems traditional technologies cannot solve.

Key Features


We provide a transparent profits payment structure with no hidden costs and a simple management fee structure.

Superior customer service

We prioritise our service to our Investor and provide all our Investors direct access to a member of the Executive team.

Diversity of Investment

We provide our clients with access to three investment portfolio options in order to satisfy investors with different risk / reward-based strategies.

Management of Risk

We have professionals with experience in the management of risk in banking and high performance investments that manage our Investment Funds.

Proven track record

We track the actual return on our Investment Funds and offer complete transparency.

Advanced trading techniques

We use cutting edge technology coupled with advanced trading data analysis to determine the optimum investments.

Clear terms of Investment

We have created a clear set of terms and conditions that cover your Cryptocurrency Investment and sets out our obligations.

Customer Experience

We have created an informative yet simple Investor website management portal that allows you to see and manage your Investment.

Why Us?

Cryptocurrencies made simple

EZCAMG provides a way of investing in cryptocurrencies without the necessity to learn all the risks, technologies and unique intricacies inherent with it such as:

  • Intricacies like registering for an account with a Crytpocurrency exchange platform that converts traditional currency into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • Understanding the risks involved such as cyber security and protection of your Cryptocurrency assets.
  • The hassle associated with registering for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges for not all exchanges trade in all Cryptocurrencies.
  • Understanding the differences between desktop, online, mobile, hardware and paper wallets, and how to use them.
  • Having to learn how to successfully transfer cryptocurrencies between exchanges, between wallets, and between a wallet and exchange and back into cash without making errors and risking of lose your investment.
  • Constantly monitor the cryptocurrency market prices and volatility; note the market doesn’t stop when you stop, the cryptocurrency market is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We take all of these problems away from the Investor, and leave the Investor with one choice; what Investment Fund to invest their Cryptocurrency in.

We have three different funds to choose from, select the one that best fits your risk tolerance. Remember, higher risks can mean higher potential rewards.

Investing With Us

Our Funds, How they work

Why Choose EZ CryptoFunds

Even during long term ‘Bearish’ markets, EZCAMG has created different trading strategies to get through the more challenging trading periods.

Currently it is very complex and difficult to acquire, invest and trade in cryptocurrencies. A considerable knowledge of IT literacy is needed to operate within this space. Furthermore, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sector is a very fast-moving ecosystem, whereby, specialist and up to date knowledge of specific factors is required to profit from trading in this market.

Collaborative technology, such as blockchain, promises the ability to improve the business processes that occur between companies, radically lowering the “cost of trust.” For this reason, EZCAMG offer significantly higher returns for each investment dollar spent than most traditional internal investments like stocks, shares, bonds and ISA’s.

EZCAMG maintains a high-level of data security awareness and anti-hacking protocol, so with us you know your investment is safe and secure from unauthorised access.