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Below is the summary data analysis of the performance of each of our Investment Funds since its inception. This data gets refreshed in the second week of every month.
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SmartCrypto 25™ Index Fund Performance
Silver Fund

About Fund

The SmartCrypto 25™ Index Fund is a passively-managed digital asset array (or DAA) investing in the top 25 cryptocurrency projects by market cap. This fund is market cap-weighted, and is adjusted for trading volume and free float, making it a well-diversified vehicle which keeps a finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency economy. The focus of the investment selection is on cryptocurrency projects with the most strategic importance in a future decentralized economy. The top 25 coins by market cap currently account for 89% of the total cryptocurrency market share.

Silver Fund Investment

The weighting is based on the market cap and an advanced logarithm of market cap value in cases where assets have a proportionally higher market cap. In accordance with our risk management strategy, the invested amount of a particular asset should not exceed 10% of the total fund value. Regular rebalancing is done on the first and fifteenth day of every month, and additional rebalancing may be triggered if an individual asset surpasses 10% weight.

Fund Manager

EntryZone Crypto Asset Management Group (EZCAMG) is an investment management company that focuses strictly on blockchain-based projects and the cryptocurrency asset space, the newest and most promising asset class on the market. We follow traditional investment and risk management techniques and apply them to the management of cryptocurrency assets. We make it easy for the beginner cryptocurrency investor to enter this promising but complex and technical space.


Cryptocurrency prices took off in late 2017, marking the largest bull run the industry has ever seen. The cryptocurrency market reached a total capitalization of more than $800 billion, while Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the largest market cap, saw its price peaking at nearly $20,000. This unparalleled rally made headlines in all cryptocurrency news websites and saw the industry launch into the mainstream as retail investors started to learn about cryptocurrency trading. However, the market turned, as 2018 marked a prolonged period of correction, not unlike those experienced in earlier years. Bitcoin price jumped from around the $1,000 mark in early 2017 to nearly $20,000 in December of the same year, having now settled in the mid-$3,000s. Another example of this tendency occurred in 2013, when Bitcoin jumped from around $100 in July to over $1,100 in December, eventually correcting down to about the $200 range. Every time there is an astronomical run-up followed by a correction, Bitcoin price has always ended up much higher than before. And due to Bitcoin’s market share (currently at 53%) all alt coins tend to follow suit. From a macroeconomic perspective, cryptocurrency mining companies started to struggle as a result of the decreasing prices, though at the same time, cryptocurrency exchanges have marked a record year in 2018, thus solidifying proof that the average crypto investor is in it “for the long haul.”


The majority of investors and consumers expect crypto valuations to increase over the next 12 months. According to an industry report by SharesPost published in September this year, 66% of consumers expect growth in crypto valuations over the next 12 months, while the majority of investors in cryptocurrency, although less positive than consumers, also believe that crypto valuations will increase over the course of next year. In addition to a positive outlook by investors and consumers, a growing number of companies also appear to be implementing blockchain technology. Almost half of the consumers surveyed said that their employers are planning to roll out blockchain in the near future. The percentage of consumers who said that their employers are considering a blockchain roll outgrew by 12% over the past six months, demonstrating a perceived growth in the need for blockchain technology within companies. Cryptocurrencies enjoy a strong awareness among consumers and investors, with 59% of both investors and consumers having owned cryptocurrencies either as a hobby or an investment. Despite the overwhelmingly positive impression consumers hold in respect of cryptocurrencies, only 7% of consumers actually own cryptocurrency as an investment, whereas most consumers own cryptocurrency as a hobby. For investors, this is an extremely positive sign, since they still fall into the ”early-adopter” category. When cryptocurrency investment goes mainstream, with the help of companies like EZCAMG who make this type of investment much more easily accessible, we should see exponential growth potential, along with extensive returns on investment in this space.


If total market cap reaches its previous all-time high levels of approximately $800 billion, you should see returns in shares of SmartCrypto 25™ Index Fund of nearly 400%, to an estimated price of $49,554.56, on an initial $10,000.00 investment.


Buy and hold shares of SmartCrypto 25™ Index Fund while total crypto market cap is under $400 billion.