Ez CryptoFunds Roadmap
The business model of EZCAMG is built on user experiences and scalability. Our Roadmap will help to clarify our company’s objectives, whilst maintaining our Founders’ overall development strategy. Our Roadmap is a high-level demonstration of growth, Stakeholder alignment and keeps in mind the bigger picture. This Roadmap tells our story and brings our customers closer to the EZCAMG vision.
Home Roadmap

DEC 2017

EZCAMG Inception

JAN 2018

EZCAMG Founders Agreed

MAR 2018

Start Proof of Concept Trading

Start Business Plan

JULY 2018

Business Plan Complete

Start SME & Business Partner Recruitment

FEB 2019

Go Live

Investment Funds Launched

APRIL 2019

Representation at the Blockchain Expo Global Event

JUNE 2019

Representation at the Blockchain Summit Event

SEP 2019

Representation at the Blockchain Live 2019 Event

FEB 2020

Appoint independent audit of EZCAMG trading performance

Target +$1m managed assets in each fund

MAR 2020

EZCAMG directly invest in Blockchain technology with proven 'use cases'

APRIL 2020

Representation at the March Exhibition

We are EntryZone Crypto Asset Management Group (EZCAMG), a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm that offers intuitive and transparent investment opportunities.

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